yQXYkD Backwards


I ordered my proxies, where are they?

They will be delivered the night before the drop of which the pack specifies.


How long will my proxies last or be active?

The proxies will last 24 hours from delivery, unless stated otherwise.


Where will my proxies be delivered?

They will be delivered through your twitter, make sure to follow us so we may deliver them to you! Otherwise they will be delivered to the email address you used to fulfill your order.


What sites do you recommend to use the proxies for?

It depends on the pack you purchase, refer to the packs product page for info.


How do we best optimize our speeds with your proxies?

For our proxies, we recommend running a server based in the East Coast. We advise running a 1:1 proxy to task ratio, for the best speeds, and less change of running into ban related issues.